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Programs for WFAA-DT4 on Saturday, April 4, 2020
12:00 AM
Swamp Loggers The Comeback Kid (HD, TV-PG) The Goodson All-Terrain Logging team tries to conquer an infamous tract of rough terrain despite their past failures at the same location.
1:00 AM
Swamp Loggers Sink or Swim (HD, TV-PG) The crew confronts flooding, fuel shortages and a series of other issues that could jeopardize the job at the infamous tract 421.
2:00 AM
Flying Wild: Alaska Money in the Sky (HD, TV-PG) Pilots contend with fog while delivering a drill; Luke transports an ATM and money; Erik races against a storm while delivering supplies and passengers.
3:00 AM
Dual Survival Bitten (HD, TV-PG) Dave and Cody demonstrate how to survive in the jungles of Thailand using only the gear an unprepared tourist might carry with them on a day trip.
4:00 AM
Modern Marvels Retro Tech (HD, TV-PG) Old items like the typewriter, VCR, analog TV, LP's, film cameras and large mobile phones were the forerunners of the technological advances seen today.
5:00 AM
Hogs Gone Wild Man vs. Beast (HD, TV-PG) Employees at an animal removal company in Florida are called upon to deal with the burgeoning populations of wild hogs that are threatening a local preschool.
6:00 AM
Hogs Gone Wild A Feral Fight (HD, TV-PG) The residents of a gated community in Florida receive some unwelcome visitors to their neighborhood; a Hawaiian farm is inundated with destructive pests.
7:00 AM
Hogs Gone Wild Wild Hog War (HD, TV-PG) A mother and daughter are afraid to leave their home when they see that a herd of wild hogs are nearby; a massive, 400-pound hog causes trouble in Florida.
8:00 AM
Hogs Gone Wild Stealth Hogs (HD, TV-14) Bryan and Tim search for the urban feral hog; Josh and Krystal track hogs that destroyed a Texas farmhouse; Dr. West and Renee chase a hog into its lair.
9:00 AM
Dogs with Jobs Bonita, Lily, Wheely Willy (TV-G) Profiles of amazing dogs demonstrate ones that succeed greatly in different jobs such as baby-sitting, finding missing persons and locating land mines.
9:30 AM
Dogs with Jobs Ben, Jonah, Koby (TV-G) Ben is a UK herding champ; Jonah is a police dog working for the Seattle Police Department; and Kobi is a star employee of Dolphin Quest in Hawaii.
10:00 AM
Backroad Bounty Super Salvage (HD, TV-PG) Hosts Marty and Bam Bam try to track down hidden treasures in a sprawling 17-acre salvage yard, and later, they take a trip to a family's lakefront compound.
11:00 AM
Backroad Bounty Inn Love (HD, TV-PG) Hosts Marty and Bam Bam visit an abandoned farmhouse and an old lakefront inn that hasn't been touched in decades, and later, Bam Bam is tempted by a vehicle.
12:00 PM
Backroad Bounty Cash in the Cabin (HD, TV-PG) The hosts take a trip to visit a unique collector, who lives in a log cabin, and later, they receive a local history lesson from a longtime resident.
1:00 PM
Auction Kings Yankee Stadium Ticket Light; Vintage Watch Collection (HD, TV-PG) The crew puts a ticket light from the early 1900s up for auction; vintage watches are appraised; a seller brings in some letters signed by Samuel Adams.
1:30 PM
Auction Kings Vintage Lie Detector; Old Hollywood Collection (HD, TV-PG) The crew auctions off a Hollywood signature book from the 1930s; the Garretts take a risk with a vintage fire alarm and gas pump; Paul tests his crew.
2:00 PM
Auction Kings Talladega Nights Fire Suit; Hydroplane (HD, TV-PG) Cindy is thrilled when a pit crew suit is brought to the shop; Paul handles a hydroplane speedboat; the crew gets a guitar that might be worth $250,000.
2:30 PM
Auction Kings Jefferson's Desk; Jeu de Course (HD, TV-PG) The crew investigates a seller's claim that he owns a president's desk; Jon tests an old horse-racing game; Paul lets his son take on his first consignment.
3:00 PM
Auction Kings Buckets of Silver; USS Yorktown Locker (HD, TV-PG) A seller brings in sterling silver-filled buckets; a father and son by a seaman's locker from the USS Yorktown; Jon finds a ride that honors a WWI pilot.
3:30 PM
Auction Kings Star Wars Stormtrooper; Mustang Motorcycle (HD, TV-PG) The crew auctions off a Mustang Pony from 1956 and a Stormtrooper costume; Delfino plans to consign an earsplitting air raid siren if he can make it work.
4:00 PM
Dual Survival Out of Africa (HD, TV-PG) Dave and Cody head out to the South African backcountry, where they contend with the threat of dehydration and predators that are always on the hunt.
5:00 PM
Dual Survival Hippo Island (HD, TV-PG) Using only a GPS with limited battery power and binoculars, Cody and Dave try to escape the Okavango Delta, which is filled with deadly hippopotami.
6:00 PM
Dual Survival Up The River (HD, TV-PG) Cody and Dave show viewers how kayakers could survive stranded in a Kentucky river, but their situation becomes desperate when the river separates them.
7:00 PM
Dual Survival Road to Nowhere (HD, TV-PG) Dave and Cody survive in the secluded woods of Northern Maine with only the items they were able to take from broken down truck they found on a logging road.
8:00 PM
Giant Squid: Last Mysteries of the Deep
9:00 PM
Killer Whales (HD, TV-PG) Scientists present new research and footage that reveals an inside look at the daily lives of killer whales as they hunt a wide variety of prey animals.
10:00 PM
Shark Shoters HD
11:00 PM
When Fish Attack (HD, TV-PG) Experts analyze footage of people's real-life encounters with combative fish, while the victims of those attacks describe what they went through.
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