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Programs for WFAA-DT4 on Sunday, January 26, 2020
12:00 AM
Dual Survival Up The River (HD, TV-PG) Cody and Dave show viewers how kayakers could survive stranded in a Kentucky river, but their situation becomes desperate when the river separates them.
1:00 AM
Dual Survival Road to Nowhere (HD, TV-PG) Dave and Cody survive in the secluded woods of Northern Maine with only the items they were able to take from broken down truck they found on a logging road.
2:00 AM
Mega Builders Sinking Wings (TV-PG) Experts accept the daunting task of transporting a Boeing 737 to the waters off Vancouver Island, British Columbia and sinking it to create an artificial reef.
3:00 AM
Mega Builders Bangkok Bridge (TV-PG) Architects and engineers plan to construct a huge bridge on the 'Industrial Ring Road' that will alleviate traffic throughout the city.
4:00 AM
Mega Builders Roller Coaster (TV-PG) The science of roller coasters explores the engineering at Magic Mountain, where the world's fastest, longest and tallest roller coaster is being constructed.
5:00 AM
1000 Days for the Planet Cyanide-Laced Fish and Other Tasty Hazards (TV-14) The diversity of marine wildlife in the waters around Indonesia is threatened by destructive fishing practices that damaging the island nation's coral reefs.
6:00 AM
1000 Days for the Planet The Victim of Palm Oil (TV-14) Mass deforestation to clear land for palm oil production on the islands of Indonesia threatens the nation's wildlife, including orangutans and elephants.
7:00 AM
1000 Days for the Planet The Blue Whale (TV-14) Cameras travel across the planet for three years, highlighting its beauty, the work of dedicated scientists, and some of the rarest species in the world.
8:00 AM
1000 Days for the Planet The Arctic (TV-14) Cameras travel across the planet for three years, highlighting its beauty, the work of dedicated scientists, and some of the rarest species in the world.
9:00 AM
Dogfights Hell Over Hanoi (TV-PG) Rare archival footage mixed with computer graphics and veteran interviews reveals pilots in Vietnam making split second, life or death decisions.
10:00 AM
Dogfights Hunt for The Bismarck (TV-PG) First-hand accounts and archival footage tell the story of the North Atlantic sea chase involving British convoys and the German battleship Bismark.
11:00 AM
Dogfights Dogfights of the Middle East (TV-PG) Firsthand accounts, archival footage and computer graphics are used to retell the history of this crucial air battle in the Middle East.
12:00 PM
Appalachian Outlaws Hunted (HD, TV-PG) Tony's lucrative order is jeopardized by winter's approach and competition; an outsider runs for his life; rivals become allies but face lethal farmers.
1:00 PM
Appalachian Outlaws The Last Stand (HD, TV-PG) Greg Shook rappels down a cliff; two run from armed farmers; Mike protects family from poachers; buyers compete for a limited harvest.
2:00 PM
Boogeymen Normie (TV-PG) In North Carolina, investigators believe that the origins of Normie, a lake monster rumored to live in Lake Norman, may have been a mutation from a power plant.
3:00 PM
Boogeymen Jersey Devil (TV-PG) The Jersey Devil is a creature that has often been seen in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, which is described as a winged-creature with cloven hooves.
4:00 PM
Boogeymen Thunderbird (TV-PG) Several eyewitness reports claim to have seen a flying creature in the skies that resembles no known bird in existence, in Westmoreland County, Pa.
5:00 PM
MysteryQuest Devils Island (TV-PG) The team tries to determine if the only three men to escape the federal prison on the bay area island could survive the icy waters awaiting them in 1962.
6:00 PM
MysteryQuest Devil's Triangle (TV-PG) The team is joined by one of the few survivors of the Bermuda Triangle to conduct a daring experiment, and afterwards, they search for lost aircraft.
7:00 PM
MysteryQuest The Lost City of Atlantis (TV-PG) The team dives into the Atlantic Ocean seeking the city lost 12,000 years ago, as they apply new technology and carbon dating to evaluate any evidence found.
8:00 PM
Building the Brand Apache Attack Helicopters (HD, TV-PG) A look is taken into the creation of a lethal military and cameras capture the extensive process that goes into crafting an Apache Longbow.
9:00 PM
Building the Brand Rolls Royce (HD, TV-PG) The creation of one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world is examined as cameras explore the factory that produces the Rolls Royce.
10:00 PM
Building the Brand Jack Daniels (HD, TV-PG) A look at the production of one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in America as cameras capture the creation from start to finish of Jack Daniels.
11:00 PM
Building the Brand John Deere (HD, TV-PG) An astonishing look is taken at the construction of one of the most vital contributions ever made to the commercial agricultural industry.
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