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Programs for WFAA-DT3 on Friday, September 18, 2020
12:00 AM
Killer Kids The Million Dollar Plan & Rattlesnake Romeo (HD, TV-14) A mother coerces her teenage child to take part in a dangerous criminal plan; three teenagers are forced to run from the police after committing petty theft.
1:00 AM
Bizarre Murders Thrill Spree (Repeat) Details are shared about how a couple killed another couple while on a beach vacation, and a close look is taken at how the murderers kept a scrapbook.
1:30 AM
Bizarre Murders Namaslay (Repeat) A close look is taken at a murder case that involved two co-workers, and emphasis is placed on how the murderer was portrayed as a brave survivor.
2:00 AM
Trace of Evil The Grim Sleeper (Repeat) Details are shared regarding the manhunt for a suspected killer, and emphasis is placed on how officers eventually traced the suspect due to DNA evidence.
3:00 AM
Donal MacIntyre: Murder Files Julie Dart (Repeat) Authorities discuss the man responsible for a murder and several kidnappings, and details are shared about how the criminal was recognized.
4:00 AM
The Confessions of a Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos Interviews and details from criminal investigations reveal information about some of the most violent serial killers, including their motives.
4:55 AM
Deadly Motives I Escaped My Killer Episode 2 (Repeat) Murder cases involving serial killers are examined in detail to reveal the links between the homicides and to reveal what inspired the violent criminals.
6:00 AM
Crime Stories The Murderous Mastermind (TV-14) In Edmonton, a business owner is found shot to death in his place of business, and police investigate the scene to find a number of suspicious clues.
7:00 AM
Crime Stories The Roaming Rapist (TV-PG) Serial killer and rapist Gary Alan Walker was responsible for six deaths in Oklahoma in 1994 before he was convicted of these crimes.
8:00 AM
FBI: Criminal Pursuit The Hunted (HD, TV-14) When a group of teenagers accidentally unearths concealed arsenals scattered across a rural area, an investigator links the findings to an unsolved crime.
9:01 AM
Cruise Ship Killers Sadie (Repeat) A professor's assistant vanishes at sea and leaves clues about her disappearance in her diary, so the authorities launch an investigation.
10:00 AM
Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege and Justice Over the Edge (TV-14) When a couple's truck careens down a mountainside, the wife is killed instantly while the husband is nearly unhurt, and police suspect he planned the accident.
11:00 AM
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Ashes to Ashes (HD, TV-14) Dr. G examines three bodies found on a Texas highway to determine who killed them; a man on a bus dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances.
12:00 PM
Secrets of the Morgue Severed Ties (HD) As a forensic anthropologist faces the shattered remains of a horrible crime, in one of the biggest mysteries of her career, as she examines a box of bones.
1:00 PM
Murder She Solved When Death Knocks (TV-14) As a detective investigates a murder mystery, she begins to suspect that a real estate buyer played a key part in the criminal case.
2:00 PM
Fatal Encounters In His Father's Eyes (HD, TV-14) When a housing code enforcer inspects a 22-year-old man's Texas home, the two clash, but when their fathers jump into the fray the argument turns into tragedy.
3:00 PM
City Confidential Tyler: Fallen Rose (TV-PG) The authorities investigate a case in Tyler, Texas, after a woman falls to her death, and the police soon focus their attention on the victim's son.
4:00 PM
The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science Loved to Death (HD, TV-14) Police find a Russian woman murdered in her home and New Jersey police search for evidence of foul play when a woman disappears.
5:00 PM
The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science Written in Blood (HD, TV-14) Detectives investigate a case in which a prominent couples home becomes the unlikely scene of a terrible act of violence; a woman vanishes from bloody scene.
6:00 PM
Cold Case Files Portrait of a Killer; The Tortured Truth (TV-14) A human scalp links a man to an 18-year-old murder case and ultimately leads to his conviction; a teen has a penchant for torturing and murdering younger boys.
7:00 PM
Cold Case Files Vanished (TV-14) A serial killer manages to elude police for over 20 years after committing his first crime, which involved him murdering his wife and the family babysitter.
8:00 PM
The Last 24 Out of Control (HD, TV-14) After firefighters put out a fire in an apartment complex in Arlington, Texas, police discover the body of 19-year-old Missy Grubaugh, who had been murdered.
9:00 PM
A Killer's Mistake Kelly Cochran (New) A wife plots with her husband to kill her lover and comes under suspicion, and further trouble arises when the woman struggles to get over her lover's death.
10:01 PM
Cruise Ship Killers Jacob (Repeat) A businessman vanishes while on a luxury cruise with two of his friends from school, and the authorities find evidence of foul play.
11:00 PM
FBI: Criminal Pursuit I've Been Watching You (HD, TV-14) A string of assaults committed by a crafty criminal frustrates police in an Illinois town until an FBI profile names the culprit and cracks the case.
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