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Programs for WFAA-DT3 on Wednesday, August 5, 2020
12:00 AM
Killer Kids Southern Belle from Hell and My Best Friend's Girl (HD, TV-14) The brutally murdered body of a female college student is discovered on the University of Tennessee campus prompting police to investigate the gruesome murder.
1:00 AM
I Survived ... Anita, Jim & Glen, Sabret (HD, TV-14) A young woman is abducted and forced to live inside a metal box by her captor; two brothers are struck by lightning on top of a mountain.
2:00 AM
Cold Case Files The Zodiac Killer (TV-14) Saliva samples taken from letters written by the Zodiac Killer is used to re-evaluate the case of the serial killer who terrorized San Francisco in the 1960s.
3:00 AM
The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science Blood Money (HD, TV-14) The scientific techniques used by forensic investigators are examined to reveal how these professionals solve murder-for-profit cases.
4:00 AM
Main Street Mysteries The Wrong Man (HD, TV-PG) Police investigate the identity of a male body found inside a duffel bag while simultaneously trying to uncover the whereabouts of a missing man.
4:30 AM
Main Street Mysteries The Last Walk (HD, TV-PG) The family of teen who goes missing from a town in Utah searches for months with indications of her whereabouts until an investigator stumbles upon a clue.
5:00 AM
City Confidential Durham: Dangerous Housewife (TV-PG) A well-liked high school teacher is reportedly killed in an accidental shooting, but many community members believe his wife was after his insurance money.
6:00 AM
Bizarre Murders Talking Dead (Repeat) After being possessed by the spirit of a murder victim, a woman helps the authorities solve the murder case by revealing the victim's killer.
6:30 AM
Bizarre Murders Sausage Fest (Repeat) Details are shared about a spurned lover who used a rare poison to get revenge on her former boyfriend after he began seeing a younger woman.
7:00 AM
Deadly Motives Monster in My Family Episode 4 (Repeat) Murder cases involving serial killers are examined in detail to reveal the links between the homicides and to reveal what inspired the violent criminals.
8:00 AM
Crime Stories The Elderly Executioners (TV-PG) A look at a case in which an elderly couple was found responsible for a series of murders in a rural community in Missouri in the late 1980s.
9:00 AM
Crime Stories The Homicidal Handyman (TV-PG) Killer handyman Morris Solomon was arrested and sentenced to death for murdering members of the Oak Park community in Sacramento.
10:00 AM
The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science A Federal Offense (HD, TV-14) Details are shared about how forensic investigators sometimes work alongside agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
11:00 AM
The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science Flames of Justice (HD, TV-14) The work of arson investigators is examined to reveal how these professionals can gather clues from the burned rubble and ashes of extinguished fires.
12:00 PM
Cold Case Files The Merry Widow; The Bad Cop (TV-14) An undercover investigator links a widow to her husband's murder; a former state trooper is implicated in the 8-year-old murder of his estranged wife.
1:00 PM
Cold Case Files Daddy Knows Best; Dawn of the Dead (TV-14) A detective dedicates 15 years to capturing a suspected murderer who murdered his wife, mutilated her body and attempted to disguise sexual abuse.
2:01 PM
Cruise Ship Killers Sadie (Repeat) A professor's assistant vanishes at sea and leaves clues about her disappearance in her diary, so the authorities launch an investigation.
3:00 PM
Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege and Justice Over the Edge (TV-14) When a couple's truck careens down a mountainside, the wife is killed instantly while the husband is nearly unhurt, and police suspect he planned the accident.
4:00 PM
FBI: Criminal Pursuit The Bronx Butcher (HD, TV-14) An FBI special agent starts an investigation into a string of serial murders in Albania, but soon discovers that an intercontinental killer may be on the loose.
5:00 PM
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Hidden Hazards (HD, TV-PG) A daughter wants to give her father a surprise breakfast in bed, but she finds him unresponsive and calls the paramedics, who find him dead on arrival.
6:00 PM
Secrets of the Morgue Dance with the Devil (HD, TV-14) When the remains of a young woman are found along a Florida freeway, the medical examiner uses plants that were found with the bones to solve the case.
7:00 PM
Murder She Solved Poisoned Heart A detective investigates after a family is poisoned, and the authorities find several clues, including evidence that Coke bottles had been tampered with.
8:00 PM
The Last 24 Stranger Danger (HD, TV-14) An anonymous tip, from out-of-state, about a homicidal hitchhiker, leads investigators to a local pawnshop to find the murderer of a woman from Florida.
9:01 PM
Cruise Ship Killers Jacob (Repeat) A businessman vanishes while on a luxury cruise with two of his friends from school, and the authorities find evidence of foul play.
10:00 PM
FBI: Criminal Pursuit Taken By Force (HD, TV-14) When a teenage girl is kidnapped by a violent drug gang, police and FBI officials search for clues as to the girl's and the gang's whereabouts.
11:00 PM
Bizarre Murders Raining Mannequins (Repeat) Bloody mannequins unsettle the residents of a small town who are already on high alert due to a string of unsolved murders in the region.
11:30 PM
Bizarre Murders Its a Lying Shame (Repeat) A son kills his father with a crossbow to ensure that his father will not be able to tell his fiancée the truth about his financial situation.
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