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Backroad Bounty Cash in the Cabin (HD, TV-PG) The hosts take a trip to visit a unique collector, who lives in a log cabin, and later, they receive a local history lesson from a longtime resident.
Auction Kings Yankee Stadium Ticket Light; Vintage Watch Collection (HD, TV-PG) The crew puts a ticket light from the early 1900s up for auction; vintage watches are appraised; a seller brings in some letters signed by Samuel Adams.
Auction Kings Vintage Lie Detector; Old Hollywood Collection (HD, TV-PG) The crew auctions off a Hollywood signature book from the 1930s; the Garretts take a risk with a vintage fire alarm and gas pump; Paul tests his crew.
Auction Kings Talladega Nights Fire Suit; Hydroplane (HD, TV-PG) Cindy is thrilled when a pit crew suit is brought to the shop; Paul handles a hydroplane speedboat; the crew gets a guitar that might be worth $250,000.
Auction Kings Jefferson's Desk; Jeu de Course (HD, TV-PG) The crew investigates a seller's claim that he owns a president's desk; Jon tests an old horse-racing game; Paul lets his son take on his first consignment.
America's War on Drugs Acid, Spies & Secret Experiments (HD, TV-14) The origins of America's war on drugs can be found through clandestine assassination attempts, which were supported by multiple sources.
America's War on Drugs Cocaine, Cartels & Crack Downs (HD, TV-14) Cartel bosses smuggle cocaine through secret airports; former President Reagan pushes his "Just Say No" initiative as a response to a growing crack problem.
Modern Marvels Alaskan Fishing (HD, TV-PG) Fishing experts examine the history of activity used to keep populations alive turned sport, including the tools anglers have used over the years.
Mega Builders Glitz City (TV-PG) The MGM Grand in Las Vegas starts plans to build to country's largest privately financed project, a 31-hectare complex that includes everyday necessities.
Machines: How They Work Escalators, Leaf Blowers, and Tape Measures (HD, TV-PG) Viewers get a rare opportunity to observe ordinary objects' inner workings, featuring a glimpse into how an escalator, a leaf blower and a tape measure work.
Machines: How They Work Safes, Tennis Ball Launchers, and Music Boxes (HD, TV-PG) Viewers get a rare opportunity to observe ordinary objects' inner workings, featuring a glimpse into how a safe, a tennis ball launcher and a music box work.
Modern Marvels Extreme Aircraft II (HD, TV-PG) Super aircraft like the PAV that allow individual flight and vertical takeoffs and landings plus micro missiles that can launch from backpacks are displayed.
Mega Builders Blockbuster Bridge (TV-PG) Hoping to connect South Korea's largest airport and the newest business sector, engineers look to build the Incheon Grand Bridge over the West Sea.
Build It Bigger Panama Canal (HD, TV-G) The Panama Canal transfers more than 14,000 ships between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans each year, and plans are underway to widen it for even bigger vessels.
Modern Marvels Welding (HD, TV-PG) The science behind the metal bonding process; the show explores the places it's called for, the methods used, and the technique's newest applications.
Mega Builders Venice Code Red (TV-PG) After realizing that the city of Venice, Italy, was beginning to sink, engineers planned the "Mose Project" hoping to keep the city afloat.
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Concrete Canoe Challenge (HD, TV-PG) The guys try to reach 30mph on a rocket skateboard; a catapult is used during a basketball-shooting contest; Kevin tries to float a 400-pound concrete canoe.
Modern Marvels Wine (HD, TV-PG) Exploring the cultural impact of wine, from the interest of wine aficionados, such as Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson, to its presence in supermarkets today.
Mega Shippers Ultimate Cruise Ship (HD, TV-PG) Virginia shippers have less than one day to put 5,700 tons of cargo onto a barge, but a thunderstorm jeopardizes the shippers' success in meeting the deadline.
How Do They Do It? Nuclear Sub; Crash Test Dummies; Fruit and Vegetables (HD, TV-G) Cameras dive below the oceans to uncover an inside look at life aboard a nuclear submarine; scientists use crash test dummies to run vehicle safety tests.
How Do They Do It? Land Mines; Air Boats; Car Warehouse (HD, TV-G) Engineers explain the science behind air boats; firefighters reveal how they're protected from fire by clothing and gear made of fire-retardant materials.
Modern Marvels World's Strongest (HD, TV-PG) Celebrates the imagination of engineers and inventors, from ordinary gadgets to extraordinary innovations that changed the course of civilizations.
Mega Shippers Migration of the Monsters (HD, TV-PG) Mega shippers must move huge parts of plane from all corners of the globe; big dump trucks need to be moved to the other end of the planet without a scratch.
America's Book of Secrets The Ku Klux Klan (HD, TV-14) With inside info from a one-time Imperial Wizard of the KKK's White Knights, examined are the racist organization's history and agenda over nearly 150 years.
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Backroad Bounty Gold Finger (HD, TV-PG) Hosts and antique experts Marty and Bam Bam check out some creepy dolls, an 18-year-old auctioneer and an actual gold finer when they return to the backroads.
Auction Kings Dinosaur Tooth; Victorian Furniture (HD, TV-PG) For Gallery 63's next auction, Paul and his team gather furniture from the Victorian era and rare dinosaur artifacts that include a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth.
Auction Kings Hot Air Balloon; Wolly Mammoth Tusk (HD, TV-PG) The Gallery 63 team prepares to auction off a valuable sapphire and a preserved tusk that comes from a prehistoric woolly mammoth.
Auction Kings Samurai Sword; Steamer Trunk (HD, TV-PG) Paul and his team find a Japanese sword that was once wielded by a samurai; while trying to restore an antique desk, Jon uncovers some secret compartments.
Auction Kings Headhunter Ax; Vintage Coke Machine (HD, TV-PG) When the Gallery 63 team searches for unusual items for their upcoming auction, they happen to find a headhunter's ax and a rare, sought-after Vespa scooter.
Engineering an Empire: The Series Napoleon Steel Monster (HD, TV-PG) France built great feats of engineering during Napoleon's reign, such as Notre Dame de Paris, the Canal du Midi, The Eiffel Tower, and The Arc de Triomphe.
Engineering an Empire: The Series Da Vinci's World (HD, TV-PG) Italy's reawakening in the 15th and 16th centuries was led by artists and engineers who created art and architecture renowned throughout Europe.
Engineering an Empire: The Series The Byzantines (HD, TV-PG) The Byzantines preserved classical learning and science, built the longest aqueduct, invincible city walls, and a massive stadium, but fell to modern warfare.
Modern Marvels Amazing Job Countdown (HD, TV-PG) From the open skies to a secret underworld, the 10 most fascinating U.S. occupations, ranging from unique to dangerous and even creepy.
Mega Builders Spanning the Saigon River (TV-PG) The communist government's plans to modernize the highway system in and around Ho Chi Minh City includes an elegant new cable-stayed bridge, the Phu My.
Machines: How They Work Lawn Mowers, Pinball Machines, and Padlocks (HD, TV-PG) Viewers get an opportunity to observe ordinary objects' inner workings, featuring a glimpse into how lawn mowers, pinball machines and padlocks are made.
Machines: How They Work Mechanical Watches, Toilets, and Yoyos (HD, TV-PG) Viewers get an opportunity to observe ordinary objects' inner workings, featuring a glimpse into how a mechanical watch, a toilet and a yoyo are actually made.
Modern Marvels Mega Weapon Countdown (HD, TV-PG) Viewers are invited for a special countdown that highlights 10 of the most innovative weapons ever to be featured on the series over the previous seasons.
Mega Builders London Olympics Aquatics Center (TV-PG) Sweeping up from the ground like a giant ocean wave and supported at only three points, London's signature building for the summer games balances like a tripod.
Build It Bigger Abu Dhabi (HD, TV-G) Explore the $500 billion Al Raha Beach development in Abu Dhabi, capitol of the United Arab Emirates, where 21st-century technology is being used.
Modern Marvels Brewing (HD, TV-PG) An anthropologist explores the ancient history of beer, which goes as far back as ancient Egypt, and he visits modern breweries as well.
Mega Builders Gautrain (TV-PG) Architects, construction crews and specialists go about the hazardous job of building some of most technically challenging structures in the world.
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Homemade Hovercraft Hijinks (HD, TV-PG) Grant and Kevin try to build a hovercraft that can cross land and sea, speed up a merry-go-round with motorcycle parts, walk on the ceiling in magnetic boots.
Modern Marvels Civil War Tech (HD, TV-PG) The Civil War witnesses the birth of modern warfare, including aerial recon, machine guns, advanced field medicine, and ironclad warships.
Mega Shippers Grand Ship Auto (HD, TV-PG) Shipping millions of dollars' worth of vehicles from England to Baltimore is delayed; in New Jersey, a crew deals with a convoy of nuclear reactor parts.
How Do They Do It? Black Boxes; Steam Turbine; Racing Car (HD, TV-G) Airline companies demonstrate how their "black box" devices are able to record key flight data and preserve that data in the event of a crash or malfunction.
How Do They Do It? Jet Engine, Weapons, Telescope (HD, TV-G) Engineers reveal what it takes for jet engines to soar through the skies; astronomers demonstrate how they use telescopes to peer into the stars.
Modern Marvels Desert Tech (HD, TV-PG) Highlighted is an in-depth look at how modern technology has brought civilization to the deserts and made life there more pleasant.
Mega Shippers Billion-Dollar Superbuild (HD, TV-PG) The shippers must move large sections of a two billion dollar bridge 180 feet above a treacherous river; millions of dollars' worth of yachts need to be moved.
America's Book of Secrets Serial Killers (HD, TV-14) Experts examine the psychological, biological and sociological makeup of serial killers, revealing America has more than doubled the total of other countries.
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